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wordpress blocks plugins list

Gutenberg Blocks Plugins List: Finding the Best!

July 9, 2020

WordPress Blocks Editor (Gutenberg) ecosystem is getting busy as we see more improvements in the Gutenberg Blocks Editor. Now, there are a lot of plugins that add additional blocks with advanced options for building custom layouts faster using the blocks editor. Besides, there are also plugins that allow you to build your own custom blocks…

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wordpress blocks editor guide

WordPress Blocks Editor Guide for writing Content

June 30, 2020

For vintage WordPress users, the new Gutenberg blocks editor can be overwhelming (to say the least). Since it is a radical change – starting with blocks can be an uncomfortable experience (change isn’t easy, right?). Even when I tried blocks editor for this first time, nope this is not for me. I installed the classic…

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best wordpress themes selection guide

Best WordPress Themes for DIY Users & Agency Owners

June 24, 2020

There are 100s of themes in the WordPress ecosystem. So, how does one make a choice of one single theme that is ideal for a specific websie project or can be used for all client websites within an agency setup? There is a no single best theme for all WordPress users. However, there can definitely…

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hosting wordpress-website comparison guide

Best Web Hosting for WordPress Websites in 2020

June 9, 2020

Let’s get straight to the fact, for WordPress websites there is no best web hosting for everyone. The best web hosting choice will differ from person to person and is based “strictly” on a lot of factors. Factors to consider for Website Hosting Selecting a website hosting is matching between various factors. It is a…

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Disable Automatic WordPress Updates

Easy ways to Stop Automatic WordPress updates

July 31, 2020

Soon everything on your WordPress website will auto-update as automatic updates feature will become more prominent in WordPress 5.5 version and beyond. While auto-updates is a good step from the security point of view but it can result in other problems for a specific set of WordPress users. Should I keep auto-update enabled? So, should…

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drop cap font size style in paragraph block

Change Drop Cap size & style in Blocks Editor

July 16, 2020

Drop cap option is by default available in the paragraph block of the Gutenberg blocks editor. For a few users, the size and style of drop cap text may seem big or small. Fortunately, you can easily customize drop cap styling using a little bit of custom CSS Code. For starters, drop cap stands for…

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svg uploading on wordpress website

Use SVG Logo & Icons instead of PNG on WordPress website

June 18, 2020

Is your PNG or JPEG logo too big in file size and look blurry? It is time to switch to SVG format for logo and icons on your WordPress websites. Not only these will load faster, but they will also look super crisp on all devices. Benefits of using SVG logo & icons SVG (Scalable…

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blocks editor post words paragraph count

Find number of Words & Paragraphs in Post Blocks Editor

June 11, 2020

How many words have I written in a post while using new (Gutenberg) Blocks Editor on WordPress? Traditionally, the classic editor would show the number of words in a post on the status bar at the bottom part of the editor. Word & Paragraph count in Blocks Editor It is super easy in the (Gutenberg)…

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blocks editor hyperlink nofollow option

How to make links nofollow in Blocks Editor

June 10, 2020

In the Gutenberg blocks editor there is no direct option (yet) to make a link nofollow. However, there are a few ways (workarounds) to add nofollow attribute to any link in text module of the Gutenberg Blocks Editor. Add nofollow manually in HTML mode You can switch to the HTML mode and add nofollow attribute…

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additional css code methods wordpress

Ways to add more custom CSS to WordPress website

June 8, 2020

CSS code is used to style elements on a WordPress website. For additional style changes, you need to add more custom CSS code on the website. Which is the recommended place to add custom CSS on a WordPress website? Let’s find out. Option 1: Additional CSS in Customizer WordPress has an in-built place to add…

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menu css class screen options wordpress

Change style of specific links in WordPress Menu with CSS Classes

June 4, 2020

Do you want to make one link in the WordPress Menu to stand out with a different styling? Like, give button look to the last menu link via custom styling. This is possible with in-built CSS Classes option in WordPress. 1. Enable CSS Classes for Menus First, we need to activate the CSS Classes option…

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