Bookmark button comes real handy in getting repeat traffic from first time visitors. Believe it or not but implemting “Bookmark this website” button and making it work in all web browsers (specially Google Chrome) is not an easy task. Ideally when user clicks “Bookmark” button, browser displays pop-up to add that webpage to favorites (bookmarks). Once added to bookmarks bar, user can quickly visit your website from bookmarks section without having to type website url.

1. Best way to show ‘Bookmark’ button: text message

bookmark page button problemYou can use simple text message like “Press Ctrl + D to Bookmark this page” on your website. WordPress users can add this next to post title or at top part of the sidebar or even in the footer.

Now why this is best method – just read on other methods below and you probably will settle for this method.

2. Show ‘Bookmark’ button using javascript code

Open this website to get the required code. Copy the <script> </script> part and paste it above <?php wp_footer(); ? </body> at bottom of footer.php file of your WordPress theme. Then paste the bottom line [<a href =””] at place where you want to show bookmark button. You can paste it in single.php file or put text widget in the sidebar and paste it there. While this method works but it won’t work in Google Chrome (as it does not support direct bookmarking).

3. WordPress plugin to show ‘Bookmark’ button

DBWD Bookmark Page plugin helps you quickly add “bookmark” button to post pages of WordPress blog. Once installed, you can select different design styles of bookmark button from Plugin’s setting page.

bookmark page error message in google chrome browser

While this works file in few web browsers, in latest version of Google Chrome it does not work. When clicked, user will receive message “The Chrome Browser Does Not Allow Direct Bookmarking. Please close this Alert and press Ctrl-D“.

Analyzing above methods, first method of showing text message to inform users to bookmark page by pressing Ctrl + D keys looks most effective (though not most user friendly!).

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