CSS code is used to style elements on a WordPress website. For additional style changes, you need to add more custom CSS code on the website. Which is the recommended place to add custom CSS on a WordPress website? Let’s find out.

Option 1: Additional CSS in Customizer

WordPress has an in-built place to add custom CSS, called “Additional CSS”. It is recommended if you are going to add just few lines of CSS Code.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize in WordPress dashboard.
  2. Scroll down and look for ‘Additional CSS’ option.
  3. Add your custom CSS code and click publish button.
additional css code methods wordpress

It should be noted, whether you add custom CSS or not to this place – this CSS file by default is loaded by WordPress. So, there is no performance hit on using this method.

Option 2: Custom CSS plugin

Simple CSS plugin is a recommended plugin for adding custom CSS to WordPress website as it is regularly maintained by Tom Usborne, the creator of GeneratePress Theme.

After install and activation, you should see the ‘Simple CSS’ option under the Appearance section in the WordPress dashboard. It also adds custom CSS option per post or page for additional conditional CSS code.

Option 3: Got a child theme?

If you are using a child theme, then you can always add additional CSS to the style.css file. Those changes will remain there even after WordPress or Theme updates in the future.

Child theme style.css changes can be a little stubborn to refresh if you have web hosting side caching. Hence, option 1 is recommended for small CSS code additions and option 2 is recommended for more extensive CSS code additions.

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