Affiliates is a good way to promote your courses. However, selecting right people for affiliate promotion is important. The last thing you want, your course listing on every spam websites screaming for a click. Also, such affiliate menace does not convert in terms of sales. So, be selective in your affiliate promotion strategy.

Capture info about people wanting to be an affiliate

I personally, do not show sign up button on the teachable school – hence no one can sign up for an account for the heck of it. Instead, I prefer manual method of capturing information of people interested to be an affiliate to promote my courses.

1. Create a new page in your Teachable school with title affiliate.
2. Explain terms or basic requirements to become an affiliate including affiliate commission you want to give.

teachable affiliate terms example

3. Most important, link to a Google Form where a visitor can submit details for a review to become an affiliate. Of course, you can use other Form services as per requirement.

Can this person be my affiliate

Once you receive the information, review the submitted information like where a specific person will promote your course. Also, is that person in the similar or related field of study when compared to courses that you offer.

Setup affiliate account on Teachable

1. Open your teachable school URL and add /sign_up in the end of the URL to access the sign-up page.
2. Enter the name and email ID of the person wanting to be an affiliate.
3. Also, add a password and keep note of that password. Then, create an account.
4. Now login into teachable school via your admin account and click on “Users” option.
5. Click on the name of the specific user that you have registered.

teachable affiliate account signup
6. Then click on “Affiliate” option on the left sidebar.
7. Click to activate affiliate feature for this user account.
8. Then enter the amount of % commission an affiliate would get on each sale.

What to do after affiliate account creation

Well, you need to inform that user regarding successful affiliate registration for your school. Click “Email” option in the left sidebar and write an email informing the same. Do remember to mention the password that you set for the affiliate account and ask the user to change it on the first login.

Affiliate: School vs Courses

Please note, every affiliate you register can promote your school and all (or specific) courses within the school. You cannot set affiliate account for a specific course. So, an affiliate will get the commission for every course sale that happens via his affiliate link URL.

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