Using ‘nofollow’ tag for external paid weblinks is very important to remain in good standing in regard with Google’s Webmaster guidelines. We have already seen manual way to add ‘nofollow’ tag to any weblink by going to HTML mode of the post editor. Do you want to make all outgoing external links ‘nofollow’ automatically without having to manually edit individual weblinks?

“Nofollow for external link” WordPress plugin

Nofollow for external link plugin automatically makes all outgoing weblinks “nofollow” in your WordPress website. There is no configuration, just install and activate the plugin. This plugin adds (rel=”nofollow”) tag to all external weblinks in every post automatically.

Besides (rel=”nofollow”) tag, it also adds (target=”_blank”) tag to all weblinks – this makes all weblinks open in new window. This plugin has huge advantage as it inserts ‘nofollow’ tag to all external weblinks automatically. However on the downside, once you install this plugin, there is no way to exclude specific weblinks from the ‘nofollow’ and “_blank” tags.

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