Blogroll has been important part of blogs and blogging experience. Bloggers love to exchange links of other blogs and display them prominently under “Blogroll” section. Though this concept is fading now with too much emphasis on seo and strict linking rules, few bloggers still like to display blogroll. For displaying few links, one can use custom links widget. However, sowing lot of links in blogroll can clutter sidebar with links. One excellent way to neatly display lot of links in sidebar is showing them in the form of neat drop down box.

Blogroll Dropdown plugin for drop down box display

1. Install Blogroll dropdown plugin and activate it. Then goto widget area (Appearance > Widgets) and drag drop “Blogroll Dropdown” widget to required area. You can add it to any widgetized area of your WordPress theme like header, sidebar, post end and footer.

2. There are lot of options to customize contents and style of the blogroll displayed as drop down box. You enter custom text for the blogroll and even add custom style by using specific class for styling.

You can specify limit for number of links in the blogroll, display links in list of categories (separated by comma), include or exclude links. It also provide option to open blogroll weblinks in new window or current window.

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