Every WordPress blog or website has pre-defined font size for post content. This cannot be changed by visitors reading your content. If theme style uses small font size setting, then it may get difficult for visitors to properly read contents of your website. Also, few users with vision problem may want big font size for comfortable reading. So, allowing visitors to change post font (text) size as per their comfort level is a good idea.

Add buttons to resize post content font size in WordPress

1. WP Font Resizer This plugin adds very stylish floating buttons at bottom left part of your WordPress site. Plus button is to increase font size, minus button to reduce font size and curved arrow button to go back to default font size setting.

add floating font re-sizing buttons to wordpress posts

There is no setting for the plugin, just install, activate – it works out of box. If you want to change position of buttons, then you can manually edit CSS file of the plugin for required placement (basic CSS knowledge is needed).

2. Post Font Resizer If you prefer text buttons for re-sizing post font size, then use Post Font Resizer plugin. It adds Large and Small text button at top right part of the post content.

add large small text button for font size change

You can click either button to increase or decrease font size of the post content on WordPress powered website. It changes size of post content while keeping the post title text size same (which is useful).

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