Hashtags feature is very useful on Twitter as it allow users to follow tweets of specific topic (with unique hashtag). You can click on specific hastag to view all tweet messages containing that hashtag. Recently, Facebook has also introduced similar click-able hashtags feature. Do you want click-able hashtag feature ecosystem within WordPress website?

Hashtag plugin converts hashtag strings into clickable links

1. Hashtag plugin allows you to quickly add click-able hashtag functionality to any WordPress website. To get started, install this plugin and activate it.

Adding clickable hashtags in wordpress post editor

Adding clickable hashtags in wordpress post editor

2. Then open any existing post or create new post and type any hastag string: for example: #facebook #unique #stuffilike and then publish the post or page content.

clickable hashtags on wordpress website like twitter and facebook

Clickable hashtags on wordpress website like twitter and facebook

3. Typed hashtag string will be click-able and will show all posts with that hashtag string. It is similar to tags functionality with exception that click-able links are in the content area and not in specific post meta area above or below the post content.

Click-able hashtags useful for big content websites

Click-able hashtag functionality makes content discovery more easy. While browsing website content, user can click through hashtag of his interest and see more related content. It is more engaging way to expose related content to users as against usual related posts listing under the post content.

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