Internet offers content for everyone from kids to adults. For web publishers offering mature and sensitive content on their websites, it is recommended to display “content warning” or “age verification” pop-up box to visitors. This aptly informs user about nature of content they are about to view. Webmasters using WordPress can easily add “content warning” or “age verify” pop-up box in few simple clicks.

1. Content Warning pop-up window on WordPress

Content Warning plugin provide quick and easy way to add warning pop-up box. It displays prominent window with “exit” and “enter” buttons. There are lot of options to configure the behavior of this warning pop-up window.

You can configure website URL to which a user is re-directed when “exit” button is clicked. You can completely customize text displayed on the “pop-up” box’s title and body. Besides, plugin also offer advanced denial and over-ride options.

2. Display “Age Verification” box on WordPress website

Age Verify plugin automatically adds pop-up box for verification of visitor’s age. It is a straight forward plugin, just install and activate plugin to display age verify pop-up window. Visitors has to be above the set age (by default it is 21 years) to view website content.

By going to Settings > Age Verify in WordPress dashboard, you can configure age settings to any desired number. You can also customize warning text displayed on the age verify pop-up box. There are also few options for customize styling, though default box style looks good enough.

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