Posts and Pages are two different ways to show content on WordPress websites and blog. While Pages are used for more static content like: About, Contact Us etc – posts are used for dynamic and regular content updates on the website. Sometimes we need to convert content published as ‘Post’ into ‘Page’. While there is a manual way to delete existing post and publish same content as new Page, but this can result into permalink problem for deleted post and newly created page.

Use ‘Vice Versa’ plugin for Post & Page conversion

There is no need to manually create new post or pages if you only intend to change ‘Post type’ and keep the content same. ‘Vice Versa’ plugins makes “post to page” and “page to post” conversion in few simple clicks.

1. Goto ‘Plugins’ section in your WordPress dashboard. Then click ‘add new’ and install the Vice Versa plugin. Once installed, goto Tools > Vice Versa to use this plugin.


2. Click ‘Post to Page‘ button at the top if you want to convert existing post into page. Then click ‘Convert‘ button under post that you want to convert.


3. This plugin will automatically convert specific post into page. You should see confirmation message after conversion at the top along with permalink of your new page (which was post previously).

Similarly, you can convert any existing page into post. Just click to select ‘Page to Post’ option at the top and then click ‘Convert’ button under specific page for conversion into post.

Video How-to: Vice Versa plugin for Post to Page conversion

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