While writing post in WordPress editor, do you want to change specific text from lowercase to uppercase or just capitalize few words. While this can be done manually by turning ON or OFF the caps lock key on the keyword but this way is more time consuming. To speed up things, you can add buttons to change text to: upper-case, lower-case and capitalize in WordPress editor itself.

Convert text case in WordPress editor the easy way

Change Text Case plugin makes this all easy. Just install, active this plugin and you are all set. You can goto Settings > Change Case to hide or show specific buttons for caps, no-caps, sentence case, title case. To use buttons, goto Posts > Add New to see WordPress editor of your website.

convert text case buttons in wordpress editor

You should notice 3 new buttons Uc, Lc and Tc for upper-case, lower-case and capitalize text respectively. Just select text in the editor and click specific button for quick text case conversion. This makes post formatting for text case very easy and quick.

Video: Text Case conversion buttons in WordPress Editor

From now on, no need to manually toggle keyboard keys for text case conversion – just use these button in the WordPress editor.

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