Technically, website developers are not good designers. Oh, let me re-phrase it – “Website Developers are just ok designers”. Are you stuck at what should be the design in order to develop a website, with the client deadline starring in your face?

Well, no worries – internet to the rescue. There are lot of cool places to get design inspiration for specific type or niche of websites that you develop and get going quickly (and make money, right?).

Few websites to get your design inspiration fill

Pinterest is for all things beautiful. Now, make note of this and register for a free account on Pinterest website. Use the search box on Pinterest website for an amazing collection of web designs created by its huge user base. Just don’t get addicted to it, it tends to be one for few folks!

And, then there are dedicated websites that splash and amaze you with cool website designs making our internet beautiful. Check websites like: awwwards, cssnectar, webdesign inspiration, cssreel and thebestdesigns to name the few. These should be enough to keep you busy for few light years, right?

For those strictly into Landing / Sales pages

Landing / Sales page designs that have good conversions, now that does sound difficult to achieve! Well, its hell easy – just spy on template gallery of folks providing sales page creation services. So, head over to template gallery on websites like: LeadPages and UnBounce.

For organized and tidy “everything” souls, crayon app comes in real handy. “Browse and save more than 100 million webpage designs”, need say more?

For my WordPress(y) folks

Themeforest has the biggest collection of themes that look really beautiful (and have terrible code – shhh). Fortunately, we are only talking about design here, so nothing broken yet! Also, check Behance website for amazing and original designs by top notch designers living on the internet.

Which websites or places in the extreme corners of the internet are helping you – with your design fill? Have your say in comments below.

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