By default, the WordPress logo is displayed on the login page. Do you want to replace that with your own logo or with an image provided to represent client’s business?

Why change logo on the login page

A lot of people use a custom image on the login page for variety reasons, fit for their business. For example, an agency may want to show its logo on the login page of all their client websites.

A membership website, where users login to access content may want to show their business brand logo at the login page for better branding and professional look.

Popular Logo change plugins

Ultimate Dashboard is one of the best plugins for 100% custom WordPress dashboard experience. The free version allows you to “Fully Customize the WordPress login screen”. The premium version opens up so many options including different layouts and custom background image.

ultimate dashboard login customizer plugin

There are a few free plugins for the functionality of login logo change and more. A few notable ones include WP Simple Custom Login by Sridhar Katakam, Admin UI Cleaner by eLightUp, White Label CMS plugin by Video User Manuals, Login Logo by Mark Jaquith and Theme My Login plugin.

Code option for DIY users

If you want to use manual code for custom logo image on the login page, try code shared here and here to get going.

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