Astra WordPress Theme out of the box comes with different header layout styles. The default header layout is: logo on the left side and menu on the right side. However, you can easily switch to logo on right side or menu on the left side or even display the only logo in the center align position.

Customizing the Header layout in Astra Theme

1. To get started, in the WordPress dashboard go to: Appearance > Customize to open the Customizer panel.

2. Then navigation to: Layout > Header to access header style options. You will see 3 images representing each header layout, select either as per requirement.

3. You can also disable the display of menu in the header area if that is a requirement in your website project. Here you are can also configure the header width value. There is also an option to configure mobile menu button alignment in the header as: inline or stacked.

4. To customize header colors and font size for the site title, you would need to need to enable the Astra Pro plugin for these additional customization options.

Astra Pro addon for more header style options

5. Once you install and activate the Astra Pro plugin, navigation to Appearance > Astra and click on “Addons” tab. Click to enable “Colors and Background” and “Typography” addons.

6. Now, go back to the Customizer from Appearance > Customize and access header option under “Colors and Background” and “Typography” sections for more header customization options.

Video: Customize Header layout & colors in Astra

Learn more about advanced Astra Theme features

Astra WordPress theme also has advanced features like hooks, page header to create super custom websites easily. Building with Astra Theme course covers these profoundly.

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