For majority of new WordPress users, visual editor provides more friendly interface for writing and editing posts as against ‘text’ only mode. However, for geeky users text only mode works best all the time. Such users always write posts in text only editor mode by manually adding tags for h2, h3 and even for italics, bold text formatting.

Why you may want to disable ‘Visual Editor’ mode

1. While sharing php and other types of codes, one has to switch to ‘text’ editor mode. But when you toggle back to ‘Visual’ editor mode, code is stripped and no longer works. So, if you are sharing lot of codes – then using ‘text’ editor mode is best option.

compared visual, text modes with text only editor mode

2. Few users like the simple text typing in the ‘text’ editor mode and may not have used ‘visual’ mode in a while. So, disabling it is a good option.

Disable to hide ‘Visual Editor’ mode in WordPress

1. Login into WordPress Dashboard and goto Users > All Users option. Then click on the user for which you want to disable the ‘visual’ editor mode.

remove visual editor in wordpress

2. Look for Visual Editor option under “Personal Options” at the top. Click (add tick) on Disable the visual editor when writing option. Then click Update Profile button at bottom to save changes. Now open editor, the ‘visual’ editor option is gone. You can revert and get back ‘visual’ editor mode anytime by unchecking above option.

Disable “Visual Editor” for specific post or page

Disable Visual Editor plugin adds option for disabling visual editor within post editor in WordPress Dashboard. While editing specific post or page, you can check (tick) the disable visual editor option on the right side of the editor webpage. Very useful, if you want to disable visual editor for specific posts or pages.

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