Email marketing is very important for every web publisher to get more user attention. There are number of premium email marketing services with tons of features for custom newsletters. If you want to do things in a simple manner and is only interested in capturing visitor’s email ID (and name), then checkout following options. Once you have handy email IDs list, you can start your email marketing campaign by using any email marketing tool or service (using email IDs list created using either of the following method).

1. PixoPoint Email Submit: Simple & very easy

PixoPoint Email Submit plugin makes task of capturing visitor email address very simple and easy. It allows you to only collect email IDs (and not visitor name). Once you install this plugin, goto Settings > Email Submissions section. There you should find short code and php code for displaying email submission form on your WordPress blog.

You can paste the shortcode in post body while in HTML editor mode to display form within the post. For displaying form on other parts of the theme, you can use PHP code in your theme file or execute php code in widget directly.

Every-time your website user submits email address, it will be captured and display on plugin’s settings page in the WordPress dashboard. You can view email IDs directly or export them in desired formats including: Carriage return delimited, Tab delimited, Comma delimited and Space delimited.

2. WP Email Capture: More feature rich

WP Email Capture plugin allows you to capture both name and email ID of users. There are number of features in free version of the plugin (and there is option to upgrade to pro version). Once you install this plugin, just drag the WP Email Capture widget to the sidebar for quick display of the form.

You can configure lot of settings for this plugin by going to Settings > WP Email Capture. You can explicitly mention webpage for redirection once user submit email information and confirm on email ID details. You can also setup custom email’s title and body.

It allows you to export all the submitted email information in CSV format. Once you export data, you can easily delete unconfirmed and confirmed email IDs data to restart building of fresh email IDs list.

3. WP Opt-in: Another simple email capture solution

WP Opt-in plugin is another simple way to capture email address details of users. It displays simple form where users can enter their email ID. All submitted email IDs can be accessed at Settings > WP Opt-in page in your WordPress dashboard.

It also stores the IP address and time along with the e-mail address of users in the database. Besides customizing text of email capture form, you can also make custom email message with specific email title and message body for users.

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