Facebook now allows you to embed and display any public Facebook post on your website or blog. Using few lines of code, you can display and share specific Facebook post with your website visitors. So while referencing content on Facebook, there is no need to duplicate content or link to Facebook post – just embed the Facebook post and show it all on your website itself.

1. WordPress plugin to embed Facebook posts

Metronet Embed Facebook posts plugin is very easy and straight forward way to embed Facebook posts on WordPress website. Just install, activate this plugin and you are all set (no settings to configure).

display of facebook posts on wordpress site
For inserting Facebook post in specific WordPress post, goto ‘text’ mode of WordPress editor. Then add code in this format:

[facebookpost https://www.facebook.com/basicwp/posts/491936030898514]

copy url of facebook post for embedding

Above you need to specify post URL of the Facebook post that you want to embed. For that goto Facebook website, right click on post date mentioned below the post and click ‘copy link address’ option.

2. Manual code method of embedding Facebook posts

Open Facebook Developer website to get code for embed Facebook posts. Paste the URL of Facebook Post that want to embed in box under “URL of Story”. You should see live preview of that post.

embed code to show facebook posts

Click Get Code button to see pop-up box with the code. Copy both sections of HTML5 code and paste in ‘text’ mode of WordPress post. That specific post will appear on your website just like first method. If you plan to embed and share lot of Facebook posts, then using plugin is a better and more easy method.

Video: Facebook Post embed with plugin & manual code

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