Facebook Like box display is a must for bloggers wanting to promote their content on Facebook. With prominent and highlighted display of Facebook Like box, there are greater chances for more likes to your Facebook fanpage. This should convert into more referral traffic from Facebook to your WordPress blog. Besides the default way of showing Facebook Like box in the blog sidebar, you can also display it in the form on pop-up box using either of following methods.

While it is a good way to promote and get more Like to your Facebook fanpage URL, such methods may annoy your regular visitors. Who like pop-ups in today’s online world?

1.Display Facebook Like box as smooth pop-out

This is most elegant and pro looking way of showing Facebook Like box in the form of smooth pop-out box. Ideally, one would have to mess around with jquery coding to implement such pop-up functionality. However, using free Facebook Pop Out Like Box WordPress Plugin – you can easily add Facebook Like box with pop-out motion to your self-hosted WordPress blog.

You can customize location of pop-out box among: top, bottom, right and left. Once you install this plugin, just goto settings and enter required data like Facebook page URL, height, width, colors. You can fully customize the look of like box as per your requirement.

2. Show Facebook Like box in Pop-up box

If you prefer to old style pop-up box, then use Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox WordPress plugin. It allows you to display Facebook Like box in the form of simple pop-up box.

Besides the standard styling options like size and color of like box – you can customize the time delay after which pop-up box should appear. Also, you can select if pop-up box should appear on posts, pages or homepage only.

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  1. Pstewart on September 11, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    thanks for the plugin couldnt find it anywhere.

  2. Hunky on June 16, 2013 at 7:32 am

    Thanks for the heads up.. I am too using the WordPress plug in for the same..

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