Contact form is an essential element for every blog and website to allow visitors to quickly contact administrator. WordPress offer number of options for displaying contact form. If you are bored or just don’t like the usual plain jane contact form on a page, then add some glitz by adding contact form with floating, sliding, drop down animation effects.

Slick Contact Forms plugin: Free, easy & stylish!

Adding this functionality won’t cost you money, just use free “Slick Contact Forms” plugin. It is too good to be offered as free plugin. It allows you to add highly customized Contact Form featuring either of floating, dropdown tab, sticky tab, slide out tab effects. To get started, install Slick Contact Forms plugin to your WordPress and activate it. Then goto Widgets section and add “Slick Contact Forms” to any widget area (preferably top or bottom).

Then expand the widget for options to customize look and elements to be displayed in the contact form. It allows you to customize every aspect of the contact form like width, custom text, position of the form and so on. It also come preloaded with custom theme styles of dark and light colors. Once you are done customizing settings, check the Contact Form in action on your website.

Sometimes, contact form may not display properly. This could be due to jquery or some other issues. Publisher of this plugin has dedicated FAQs page to help you use this floating contact form plugin without any issue. For sure, this free plugin is a must install – if you want stylish Contact Form on your website.

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  1. WordPress Themes on March 7, 2013 at 10:05 am

    can i add number field to this contact form?

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