Contact Form is an important element of any website or blog. It enable visitors to send feedback to website’s admin and take things forward. There are number of free plugins that allows you to add Contact Form to your WordPress powered website. Various options range from adding simple contact form to very sophisticated looking advanced contact forms. You can also add radical behaviour like: sliding out, pop-up box Contact Forms.

1. Contact Coldform plugin: Easy & simple

Contact Coldform is best plugin to add and manage Contact Form. Once you add this plugin, you can add contact form to any page or post by using simple shortcode. Publisher also offer skin codes that you can add to your default CSS for custom looking contact from. Only down side of this plugin, it does not offer way to customize default form fields – rest everything is good.

2. Slick Contact Forms: Animated & stylish

Slick Contact Forms plugin allows you to add floating contact form to your WordPress powered website or blog. You can make contact form peek out on click or keep it floating in open state on either side of the webpage. It offers lot of customization options including preloaded themes, change form size, form position and custom text.

3. User Noise: Advanced designer looking form

User Noise contact form provide more advanced, sophisticated and better looking contact from implementation on WordPress blog. This “Apple inspired” user interface provide effective contact from with all the style. It works out of the box allowing visitors to leave: detailed feedback, summary and email address.

4. BestWebSoft Contact Form: Simple & effective

Contact Form by BestWebSoft plugin provide free and easy way to add Contact Form to your WordPress blog. Look wise it is simple with option to customize it further with more styles. It is highly feature rich, besides usual fields you can enable: file attachments, send me copy, thank you message.

5. Contact Form 7: Adds basic multiple forms

Contact Form 7 is very popular free plugin alternative for adding contact forms. It supports lot of features like: Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering. However, the end result contact form is too simple and it requires little “more than basic” technical know how to use this plugin. While you can create multiple forms, look and style of forms is very limited.

6. Popup contact form: Click for Contact form as pop-up

Popup Contact form plugin makes contact form accessible on any page with a single click in the form of pop-up box. You can assign text or button image to open “Contact Form” in the form of pop-up box. For sure one neat way to get quick user feedback without visitors having to navigate to different page just for leaving feedback.

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