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Best Stock Photo Websites to download free images for web projects

These are top websites to download "free stock photos" for your personal, client or commercial web projects. A majority of photos have been contributed by photographers themselves for extra personal exposure and contribution to the community in general.

Is these really free?
Yes, 100% free for download and use

Do I need to credit or attribute source?
Attribution is not required (or mandatory). However, it is appreciated if you credit image source. Do check FAQs/terms on the specific website for more details.

Is there any copyright issue in using these images?
Personally, I have used images from the unsplash website without any issue. For precaution, it is good to maintain the record of web page URLs from where you download images that have been used in your web projects.

Note: Do read FAQs or terms page on specific websites before using 'free' images in your web projects.

Top 10 Websites for Free Stock Photos

  1. Unsplash - Best website to download quality free photos. Image credit is not required but appreciated.
  2. Pexels - This website is one stop source for viewing free stock photos from a number of other websites.
  3. ISO Republic - A good place to download free stock photos for creatives. It also provides premium photos.
  4. Negative Space - Free photos for personal and commercial projects with CC0 licensing for usage.
  5. Gratisography - Radically different, eye catching and cool free photos can be found on this amazing website.
  6. Stocksnap - Collection of beautiful stock photos categorized neatly for quick and easy browsing.
  7. Pixabay - It is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing royalty free images and videos
  8. Burst by Shopify - Amazing collection of free photos for baby, man, women, business and more categories.
  9. MMT Stock - Website feature free photos for commercial use in your websites, templates, social posts and more.
  10. Life of Pix - Free high-resolution photos of nature, animal, birds, places and lots more.

More websites offering Free Stock Photos

(10-20) Free Stock Photo Websites

  1. Picography - Free images to use however you like. A lot of images featuring beautiful Ireland.
  2. Pic Jumbo - This website offers free stock photos for use in your personal and commercial web projects.
  3. Shot Stash - No royalties, no fees - new photos for your projects are added every day on this website.
  4. Kaboom Pics - A website with free high quality and creative photos for your visual explosion.
  5. Death to the stock photo - This website sends beautiful images directly to your inbox.
  6. Skitter Photo - A website to find, show and share public domain photos for use in your web projects.
  7. Freestocks - This website features interesting mix and variety of free images for your web projects.
  8. IM Free - A curated collection of images in-house and from other sources. Do check use terms for specific images.
  9. Pattern Pictures - See the power of repetition with these free real life texture background image.
  10. Lensicle - A unique collection of people, places, men and women on this website offering free photos.

(20-30) Free Stock Photo Websites

  1. Freerange Stock - A website with a collection of stock photos especially for small business website owners.
  2. Startup Stock Photos - Free photos for start-ups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, creators.
  3. Libre Shot - A website featuring free stock photos for personal and commercial use.
  4. RealGraphy - This website has a good collection of authentic and real photos free use.
  5. Raw Pixel - This website offer free images, promising the diverse stock photos in the industry.
  6. The Pic Pac - Collection "pac" of images which you can download for free or pay what you want.
  7. Snapwire Snaps - This website offers 7 beautiful free photos every week for free use in your projects.
  8. Fancy Crave - This website gives away free and hand picked authentic photos from real people.
  9. Magdeleine - A directory website with hand picked quality free stock photos for your inspiration.
  10. Morgue File - It is a free photo archive for creatives, by creatives featuring cool free photos.

Vintage images and antique clipart

Free Vintage Images

  1. New Old Stock - Website for downloading vintage photos recapturing history from public collections.
  2. Pond5 - Thousands of old photos featuring buildings, people, places, tribal from years long back.
  3. Public Domain Pictures - A directory of free public domain pictures. Do read terms of use for images.
  4. Ancestry Images - A website featuring free photos for genealogists and ancestry researchers.
  5. NY Public Library - A website containing items digitized from The New York Public Library's collections.

Free Antique Clipart

  1. Antique Clipart - A public domain archives of Victorian, and Edwardian era clipart on the Internet,
  2. Grandmas Graphics - From Harry Clarke to 1890's storybooks, unique images for your web projects.
  3. Art e Zine - Free vintage photos of ladies, children, and more. Not allowed for commercial use.
  4. From Old Books - This website contains more than 3,700 free images from old rare antique and vintage books.

Niche specific Free Stock Photos

Free Food Pictures

  1. Foodies Feed - This website exclusively features amazing food photos for food bloggers looking for free photos.

Feminine Photos

  1. Styled Stock - Free feminine stock photography featuring beautifully styled images for your web projects.

Photos by independent photographers

  1. Epicantus - This Tumblr blog named epicantus feature free original high-resolution photos by Daria.
  2. Barn Images - Only quality photography that’s fresh by Igor Trepeshchenok and Roman Drits.
  3. Jay Mantri - An interesting collection of free photos by Jay Mantri for free usage in your web projects.
  4. Cupcake - This website feature free original photos by Jonas Wimmerström (former Nilsson Lee).
  5. OneLeftMedia - Free stock photos by Lior Mazliah for bloggers and other content creators.
  6. Jeshoots - Lot of free photos and PSD mockups by a photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic.
  7. Designers Pics - A website with a collection of free stock photos captured by Jeshu John.

Free Nature & Travel Photos

  1. Free Nature Stock - A website with a free stock photo capturing beautiful nature by Adrian Pelletier.
  2. Photo Everywhere - Free travel stock photos of a number of popular places and travel destinations of the world.
  3. Travel Coffee Book - Sharing beautiful travel moments with free photos of beautiful places.
  4. Bucketlistly Photos - A free collection of 5000+ travel photos from all over the world anyone can use.
  5. MovEast - A journey of a Portuguese guy moving that decided that every photo should be used for free.

Know a useful "Free Stock Photo" website not in the above list?
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