We generally use image slider on homepage to showcase featured content. Using same slider feature one can add elegant effect to background of WordPress blog in the form of full screen background image slider. You can make background image of website change seamlessly through fade or slide effect. This is more ideal for photography and image intensive WordPress website and blogs.

1. Fullscreen Slider plugin: Quick & basic background slider

Fullscreen slider plugin allows you to quickly add full screen background image slider to your WordPress website. Beauty of this plugin, it is simple without too many settings. Once you install this plugin, goto Appearance > Fullscreen Slider option.

fullscreen background image slider for wordpress website

Click “Add Slider” button under “Images” section and then upload images that you want to show in the slider. Enter the value for slider speed and select slider effect among: fade and slide options. Click Save button and preview your website – it should show image slider in the background of your website. Looks cool, isn’t it?

2. Site Background Slider plugin: More feature rich

Site Background Slider plugin provide similar functionality of background image slider but with added goodies. After install, goto Appearance > Background Slider option. First option is image overlay, it adds stylish translucent image layer over selected slider image (looks very elegant for sure).

wordpress site background image slider plugin

Besides the slider speed setting, it only offer fade transition effect (which is more suited for background slider). There is no need to separately upload images for the slider, just enter folder path url containing images to be used for the slider. It also provide option to show slider only on homepage.

Video: Preview of background image slider in WordPress

Word of caution: While background image slider adds nice effect to your WordPress website, it also increase overall page size and website loading time. Make sure you optimize image before selecting them for background slider and keep total slider images to 3 or 5 files.

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