Are you using simple WordPress theme (love minimal designs) and posting lot of photos in blog posts? By default, when a user clicks a photo thumbnail, it either opens in a new window or in the attachment page (as configured). You must have comes across beautiful looking gallery carousel supported themes that launch full screen gallery show when photo thumbnails are clicked. You can easily add that full screen image viewing magic to your current WordPress theme setup quickly through following steps.

Use full screen gallery carousel plugin

1. Download and install Gallery Carousel Without JetPack plugin. It is a free plugin that adds Gallery Carousel functionality in few simple clicks. Once the install is complete, activate the plugin.

2. Now goto Setting > Media section in your WordPress dashboard. Configure settings under “Image Gallery Carousel” section. By default: full screen mode, black background color and show photo meta-data options are enabled.

3. Now open any post or page with existing photo gallery. Clicking photo thumbnail will launch elegant full screen display of the image. You can manually add new gallery to your existing or new posts. Just click on “Add Media” button and upload couple of images. Then you should see Gallery tab at the top, goto Gallery tab and click Insert Gallery button at the bottom.

This for sure is easiest way to setup full screen Gallery Carousel. It should work with all old and new photo gallery added to posts and pages – provided they were or are added using gallery shortcode method (as explained above). Syed Balkhi of Wp Beginner website has released this useful plugin for free.

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