Google Plus has launched new version of badge widgets for website publishers. New ‘metro’ inspired look is more flat and in your face. Users can grab this latest version of badge widget code, old users will be automatically updated to new look in coming weeks (if they do not update manually).

Manual code to show new Google+ Plus badge

1. Open Google Plus badge generator developer page. Paste the URL of your Google+ page in “Google+ user” box. Then select various options to customize and finalize look of the Google+ badge for your website.

2. By default Portrait mode is selected showing profile photo and big cover photo of your Google+ page. Landscape mode show more neater and smaller widget for website.

Google Plus badge in portrait mode

Google Plus badge in potrait mode

3. Adjust width of the badge, ideally 250px or 300px works best if you plan to show badge on the sidebar of WordPress website. Select the color theme among: light and dark options – light works best in majority of cases.

Google Plus badge in landscape mode

Google Plus badge in landscape mode

3. Portrait mode badge has more options to show or hide the “cover photo” and “page tagline”. Once you are done with the settings, copy the code displayed in a box at bottom right.

4. Goto widgets area (appearance > widgets). Drag the text widget to the sidebar area and paste the badge code. Your new Google+ badge will start showing in the sidebar.

Use ‘New Google Plus Badge Widget’ plugin

New Google Plus Badge Widget plugin is ideal for users not wanting to play around with manual code copy-paste routine. Once you install and activate this plugin – drag this plugin nox to widget area where you want to show the Google+ badge. All customization options are available in widget options for custom looking new Google+ badge widget for your WordPress blog.

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  1. Chaitanya on October 20, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Nice tutorial with easy to follow steps. I’m sure WordPress users would find it easy to add Google plus widget to their blog. Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

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