WordPress Blocks Editor (Gutenberg) ecosystem is getting busy as we see more improvements in the Gutenberg Blocks Editor. Now, there are a lot of plugins that add additional blocks with advanced options for building custom layouts faster using the blocks editor.

Besides, there are also plugins that allow you to build your own custom blocks with full control or just add more options to existing default blocks on a WordPress website.

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Top WordPress Blocks Editor Plugins

Just like in other plugins niche, every user will have their own favourite ‘go-to’ blocks editor plugin. Fortunately, in a short period of time, a lot of options have appeared in the WordPress ecosystem. As of today, Generate Blocks looks promising (at least to me).

Of course, the other options listed below are equally worthy. I am yet to test drive these and discover the goodness they offer! So, here are top 5 blocks editor plugins to consider for now.

Generate Blocks Preview

01. Generate Blocks – From the creator of GeneratePress Theme, this feature neatly structured blocks for building with blocks editor.

02. kadence Blocks – An exhaustive collection of blocks with a lot of options to control responsive style and backgrounds. Even includes 1500+ SVG icons.

03. Qubely – This blocks collection looks very polished and elaborate with a lot of options, ready-made sections, and starter packs. And, is now available on AppSumo in the form of a lifetime deal for unlimited websites.

04. Stackable – One the of most design-focused blocks plugin. The design library to quickly build layouts with blocks editor makes it awesome.

05. Ultimate Addons – Gutenberg blocks plugin from the makers of Astra theme feature a lot of useful blocks and pre-made template designs.

More Blocks Editor Plugins

Here are a few more blocks plugins showing up in the WordPress ecosystem. It is a rapidly evolving part of the WordPress and finding winners here is too early.

01. Atomic Blocks – Another collection of page builder blocks for new blocks editor. This is owned by StudioPress and WPengine.

02. ACF Blocks – This collection of blocks is built over ACF, hence you need ACF Pro plugin installed and activated for the use.

03. CoBlocks – A good collection of blocks in this plugin started by Rich Tabor and Jeffrey Carandang, which was later acquired by Godaddy.

04. Otter Blocks – This adds more Gutenberg blocks which are easier to use. Also, contains a library of pre-built Gutenberg-compatible templates.

05. Ultimate Blocks – A blocks plugin feature 29+ blocks for building website layouts using blocks editor.

06. GetWid – A plugin with a collection of over 40+ blocks and pre-build template library.

07. Advanced Gutenberg – A collection of blocks with a lot of customization options like CSS style, editor size, and more.

08. Easy Blocks – Another plugin featuring a collection of blocks for Gutenberg editor by Liton Arefin.

Plugins to enhance Blocks Editor

The majority blocks plugins (listed above) add new blocks to the blocks editor interface. However, the following are blocks plugins that enhance and add more features to the existing (default) blocks provided in WordPress.

01. Editors Kit – This plugin adds more options for better control over text formats, styling, and more. A useful plugin that adds small but much-needed features in the blocks editor.

02. Editor Plus – This plugin extends existing blocks editor with advanced design controls to create more custom layouts. It also adds custom CSS option on the block and global levels.

Build your own Blocks

For absolute control of your blocks data and output, you can also consider building your own custom blocks using either of the following tools.

01. Toolset Blocks – Using the power of blocks, Toolset allows you to build any type of website with full control over custom fields display, archives, search templates, and more.

02. Metabox Blocks – It is an extension addon for Metabox plugin that allows you to build custom Gutenberg blocks for full control of blocks on your WordPress website.

03. ACF Blocks – Create your own custom blocks using the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin. Blocks building on ACF requires ACF Pro (the paid version of ACF plugin).

Over to you… blocks user

As of now, my Gutenberg blocks editor experience is mostly restricted to using the default blocks that come with WordPress. I have only tested a few of blocks editor plugins on development installs. Still, early days to decide on 1 or 2 final ones that will enter my permanent tools stack. Blocks hunt continues!

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