Whenever there is a new WordPress version, you should see notification message like “WordPress 3.6.1 is available! Please update now“. It is displayed at top middle part of the WordPress Dashboard against yellow background. Hence it is hard to miss due to good visibility. However, few users may want to hide this WordPress update message alert. This is strange Why would anyone want to hide update notifications – keep reading !

Hide Update Reminder in WordPress Dashboard

Hide Update Reminder message plugin comes real handy for quick solution to this issue. Once you install this plugin, goto Settings > Hide Update Reminder option. There select, if you want to hide update message for other users only or other user including admin user.

hide wordpress update message for admin and other users

This easily hides the WordPress Update message notification at the top. It only hides the alert message at top and does not disable the ability to update or upgrade. You can still upgrade by clicking “update” button at bottom right part of “Right Now” widget in WordPress Dashboard.

hide wordpress notification alert in the dashboard

If you want to block update notifications for plugins installed on WordPress website, then use Plugin Update Hider. It stops update notification for specific plugin as selected or de-selected by the admin user.

Video: Hide WordPress update alert in Dashboard

Why would I hide WordPress version update alerts !

This may not be useful for users with WordPress knowledge managing their own websites. However, it is an important aspect when you are into service provider mode. If you are managing WordPress websites for clients, you want to disable update notifications. A new WordPress version may have conflict with existing theme or plugin functionality. As a result you may want to hold off the update for sometime till your sort out problems in the back-end.

However, if client see the update alert – he or she will definitely hit the update button for latest version. So, this does make sense when you are managing WordPress websites for clients (who often do not know the technical aspect of WordPress).

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