Just saw an amazing website using WordPress and now interested in knowing the name of WordPress theme being used? In addition to custom WordPress themes, there are lot of pre-made WordPress themes. So, making a guess on WordPress theme name by just looking at website is an “impossible” idea. Following are few tools and tips that should help you discover WordPress theme name and other details that specific WordPress website or blog  is using.

1. Online tool: What WordPress Theme Is That

What WordPress Theme Is That tool makes it all easy to discover WordPress theme name specific website is using. Once you open this online tool’s website, type the website URL and click “Check site” button. It will extract theme details like: theme name, theme description, author, author homepage, version and so on.

This tool provide quick idea on which theme specific website is using. For sure an ideal tool for webmasters and publishers to quickly get WordPress theme name details.

2. Check website source code in web browser

With website opened in web browser, right click on empty space and then click on “View source” or “View page source” option. A window will open showing source code of the current webpage.

Press Ctrl + F keys to open search box, then type themes and press the enter key to see themes word highlighted in the code. Look for “wp-content/themes/news/style.css” in the code, here “news” is the name of the theme. If you scan the code further, you can easily find more details like plugins being used.

3. Check website footer links & description

Few websites prominently display name and link to the WordPress theme design being used. Check bottom footer of the website page for theme information. You can also check “About” page of the website for possible mention of Theme name details.

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  1. sawankumar51 on February 20, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    i cant find the theme name, the webmaster changed the original theme name, can you help me to find the original theme? LINK: comillait.com

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