Do you want to add multiple image galleries within post on WordPress powered website or blog? Till now, we had to restore to workarounds of using relevant plugin or building manual gallery code. However, with new WordPress 3.5 (and above) creating multiple photo galleries only involve few mouse clicks. New media manager in WordPress allows you to create, insert and add multiple galleries within WordPress post and pages.

Insert multiple image galleries in WordPress

1. Make sure you are using latest version of WordPress (3.5 or above). Once you have updated, open any existing post or create new post. Then click Add Media button at the top of editor box.


2. In the media pop-up window, click “Upload Files” option at the top. Then select image files that you want to upload to your WordPress blog.

3. Once images have been uploaded, click on “Create Gallery” button under “Insert Media” on left sidebar. Click to select images that you want to feature in specific image gallery. Once multiple images are selected, click on “Create a new Gallery” button at bottom right.


4. Configure gallery settings like: link to attachment page or media file, number of columns, random order. Then click on “Insert Gallery” button at bottom right.


5. Similarly, you can create more galleries by selecting different photos and add them within same post or different posts and pages. New Media Manager for sure makes gallery creation and insertion process very easy and straight forward. Give this a try!

Video: Add multiple Image galleries in WordPress

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