Revisions feature has been updated in WordPress 3.6 release. Now you can browse revision history  in more user friendly interface allowing quicker and easier comparison of any two revision points. Allowing WordPress to save every small change as revision point in history add bulk to the back-end. While disabling revision history feature defeats the very purpose of able to restore and go back to previous version – controlling number of revision looks better option.

Set limit for Posts & Pages revision in WordPress

Simple Revision Control plugin comes very handy in controlling and limiting number of revision to be saved for posts and pages. Once you install, activate this plugin – goto Settings > Revisions to configure settings.

set limit for revision history - wordpress plugin

Add number of revision to be saved for posts and pages like 4 for posts and 0 for pages (as in screenshot above). This will force WordPress to save only set number of revisions for posts and pages.

revision history in wordpress

You can browse saved number of revision from Publish section of the WordPress Editor. If you are writing long posts, then limiting number of revisions is logically a better decision to prevent large amount revision data from getting accumulated in the back-end.

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