Email newsletter sign up setup is an important component of online content publishing. MailChimp is one of the leading premium email marketing service. Unlike other services, MailChimp offer full feature free account to test drive all features before you actual get into heavy loaded email marketing. Genesis users can easily add MailChimp email newsletter sign up box in their Studiopress child themes.

Use ‘Genesis eNews Extended’ plugin for MailChimp

Genesis framework is removing in-built code for displaying email newsletter box. It now recommends using specific plugin (Genesis eNews Extended) for this functionality.

1. In WordPress Dashboard, goto Plugins > Add New section. Then search for “Genesis eNews Extended” and click install button under its listing. You can also directly download it from official page at WordPress plugin repository.


2. After install and activation, goto Appearance > Widgets. Drag the “Genesis eNews extended” and NOT the “Genesis eNews and Updates” to specific widget area (usually email sign up form is displayed either in sidebar or footer section).

3. Type informational text in the ‘Text to show before the form‘ like Sign up for Free Email updates depending on your style and requirement. Then we need to input MailChimp sign up form URL in the Form Action box.


4. Login into your MailChimp account and click Lists option at the top. Then click on Subscribers button under specific list for which you want to display the sign up form.


5. Then goto For your website > Signup form Embed code option, scroll down and look for code at the bottom. Here you need to copy only the URL part in the code. Paste that URL in the Form Action box in Genesis eNews extended section in the widget area.


To summarize, you only need to paste the MailChimp form URL code in the Form Action text box and other informational text that you want to display before the email sign up box. Note: For displaying email box, enter EMAIL in e-mail field. Similarly, for First Name Field enter FNAME and for Last Name Field enter LNAME in it.

Video: Show MailChimp box in Genesis child theme

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  1. Terence on August 10, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Thanks, that’s very clear the way you have described it, but it ends up with a sign-up box that doesn’t ask for the first and last name.

  2. Jennifer on May 11, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    PLEASE help me if you can. I do the above directions. I get the form to display. I enter an email and get an error code. Says the email field is blank. It is not, but I am asked to put the email in again. Then everything seems to go thru just fine. I check my email and there is no opt in email confirmation and no one has been added to the list. What I am doing wrong? :(

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