In the Gutenberg blocks editor there is no direct option (yet) to make a link nofollow. However, there are a few ways (workarounds) to add nofollow attribute to any link in text module of the Gutenberg Blocks Editor.

Add nofollow manually in HTML mode

You can switch to the HTML mode and add nofollow attribute manually to any link while using the blocks editor.

blocks editor hyperlink nofollow option
  1. Select the text and click on the link icon.
  2. Add the hyperlink URL and click on arrow button to confirm.
  3. Click to select the whole text block and click on 3 vertical dots icon.
  4. Click on ‘Edit as HTML’ option to switch to HTML mode.
  5. Now manually add the nofollow tag as seen in the screenshot.
blocks editor-hyperlink nofollow edit html

After adding the nofolow tag, click on 3 vertical dots icon and then click on ‘Edit Visually’ option to go back to the default text editor block.

Get nofollow option for links

You can easily add nofollow option for links and a lot of other enhancement to the default block editors by installing the Editors Kit plugin by Jeffrey Carandang. It makes blocks editor richer with much-needed features bump.

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