Admin account in WordPress provide access to every feature and functionality of the website. You can also create new user accounts with limited access to features using different pre-defined types like: Editor, Author, Contributor. While access to theme settings, theme editor, plugins, users section is disabled for “Editor” and “Author” type of users, they can still create new posts on WordPress website. Do you want to disable even that functionality of adding new post content for users with “editor” and “author” type of membership?

WP Restrict User “add new post” capability plugin

Install WP Restrict User capability plugin in your WordPress website while logged in as administrator to remove ‘new post’ option from the dashboard. There is no setting to configure after installing this plugin.

After install, the “add new” option will no longer appear in the “Posts” section for other users registered as “author” or “editor”. This plugin automatically disables “add new” post capability of other users. However, they can still review and edit old posts as assigned by their user type. Handy plugin when you do not want “author” or “editor” users add new post content on the website.

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