“Download as PDF” functionality allow content accessibility even in offline mode. Users can click ‘Download as PDF’ button to download specific WordPress post article in PDF file format. After download, users can read article (as PDF file) in offline mode without internet or share with friends via email or file sharing.

1. Print Friendly PDF Button for WordPress site

Print Friendly and PDF Button is a free WordPress plugin that adds button to download posts in PDF file format. It is easy to use and configure. After install, goto Settings > Print Friendly & PDF to configure settings.

PrintFriendly button options

PrintFriendly button options

It provides lot of options in the form of various type of download buttons, alignment and button positioning settings. PDF file output is very neat which includes: webpage URL, post title and post content.

2. Read Offline for download as PDF, ePub & Mobi buttons

Read Offline is another useful WordPress plugin for adding post downloading as PDF functionality. Besides ‘download as PDF’, it also provide options to show ‘download as epub’ and ‘download as mobi’ buttons.

Read Offline buttons demo

Read Offline buttons demo

You can goto plugin settings to select positioning of these buttons. It also provide option to enter custom CSS style-sheet for PDF and epub file styling. Three buttons are properly aligned and look good. Also, they work like charm.

Video: Download WordPress Post as PDF file

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    Nicely done article. And the plugins you mentioned are worth Installing on my blog.

    Keep up the good work.

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