If you are making a fun filled website or blog using WordPress, then how about entertaining your visitors with sliding photo puzzle game? This is all about fun as you attempt to solve sliding photo puzzle game on specific post or page on WordPress blog. MyPuzzle Sliding is a free plugin that makes this all easy and quick.

Free “MyPuzzle Sliding” plugin for Photo Puzzle game

1. Download MyPuzzle Sliding plugin and install it on your blog. Then goto Settings > MyPuzzle Sliding to configure various options for the plugin to add photo puzzle game.

2. Select the size, piece count (3X3, 4X4, 5X5) and hints option. You can also enter your custom background color (like #000 for black) for the puzzle game. The best part, enter URL of the image that should be used for the Photo puzzle (planning to use own photo?)

3. Once you are done with settings, open new or existing post or page (in the edit mode). Click on HTML tab in the post editor and paste [sliding-mp] at specific place in the post / page where you want to display the photo puzzle game.

Now you are all set to show photo puzzle game to visitors and of course they might spend (or waste) tons of time playing and solving the photo puzzle. Ready to serve some fun to your blog visitors?

Davinder Singh Kainth

A digital creator with 15+ years of experience in Website Design, Development, SEO, and Content Creation to Podcasting at SmartWebCreators.com with the motto of "Be Smart, Keep Creating". A coach, consultant, and your dear geek friend ❖

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  1. Bob on September 11, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Wow, that’s a real great way to get visitors to stick to your website. Can you give them a reward after solving the puzzle?

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