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Top Podcasts for WordPress Designers, Developers, Agency Owners, Consultants

Do you love listening to Podcasts (like me) while doing other things like designing, working out, walking the dog?

Lots of Podcasts
Fortunately, WordPress ecosystem has a lot of amazing people churning out new podcast episodes every week and sharing their amazing tips, resources, news, insights.

Talking to WordPress Experts
A lot of these podcasts feature popular faces from the WordPress community like designers, developers, consultants and more, sharing about their entrepreneurial journey in the WordPress ecosystem.

Latest in WordPress
A lot of these podcasts also talk about latest developments in the WordPress community in terms of new product launches, service offerings and much more.

Top 5 Podcasts for WordPress

  1. Matt Report - A WordPress business podcast for the freelancer and small businesses hosted by Matt Medeiros. This podcast features a lot of useful episodes.
  2. The WP Chick - This podcast hosted by Kim Doyal brings latest and greatest from the WordPress community, like emerging WordPress folks, products, services.
  3. Office Hours - This started as Genesis specific podcast but flourished beautifully into WordPress community entrepreneurship talks by Carrie Dils and her guests.
  4. WP Builds - Bringing fresh goodness from the WordPress ecosystem is Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley talking to amazing people from the WordPress community.
  5. WP Innovator - This podcast by Lee Jackson at Angled Crown agency talks about agency life, strategy, marketing, WordPress. A lot of popular WordPress people on it.

More amazing Podcasts for WordPress users

(5-10) Best Podcasts for WordPress

  1. WP Tonic - This is a WordPress business podcast covering WordPress development, business, and marketing interviewing popular WordPress people.
  2. WP Watercooler - It is a network of live streamed, recorded WordPress shows and podcasts. Also, include WP blab, a WordPress Social Media Marketing show.
  3. WP Elevation Podcast - This Podcast by Troy Dean focus on businesses using WordPress. It covers topics like growth, getting clients, recurring revenue and more.
  4. WP Tavern Weekly - It is a live weekly podcast show covering the latest news and special interviews of people from the WordPress community.
  5. Rethink - This forward looking podcast by Jackie D'Elia feature amazing conversations with designers and developers from the WordPress community.

(10-15) Best Podcasts for WordPress

  1. Jim Galiano Show - It is an interesting podcast by Jim Galiano, who shares his knowledge and years of experience in a simple, honest and very action-able format.
  2. The WP Crowd - This weekly podcast leverages top experts in a variety of specialties to create unique and useful content for the WordPress Community.
  3. Post Status Podcast - This podcast by Brian Krogsgard cover a range of topics involving WordPress people like learning, challenges, entrepreneurship and more.
  4. Apply Filters - A podcast by two popular WordPress names  Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson. It focuses on WordPress development and associated experiences.
  5. Hallway Chats - This podcast hosted by Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey aims to feature people not yet popped onto the radar of the wider WordPress community.

(15-20) Best Podcasts for WordPress

  1. Your Website Engineer - This podcast by Dustin Hartzler focus on core topics related to using WordPress, setting up websites, configuring various elements and more.
  2. kitchen Sink WP - This podcast by Adam Silver feature interesting episodes focus on the specific WordPress topics and people from the community.
  3. WP Round Table -  It is a weekly show about the people of the WordPress community in both video and audio format talking about WP development and ecosystem.
  4. Mastermind FM - A podcast about business and WordPress. It is hosted by two popular folks: James from WP Ninjas and Jean from WP Mayor.
  5. BlogAid Podcast -  This podcast by MaAnna Stephenson focus on WordPress and beyond. It covers latest WordPress releases, tips and changes in the ecosystem.

(20-25) Niche specific WordPress Podcasts

  1. SEO Bits - The podcast that helps smart business owners jumpstart their SEO strategy. Rebecca Gill shares bite size pieces of SEO education in every episode.
  2. WP eCommerce Show - This podcast hosted by Bob Dunn provide insights on growing an online store and monetize your WordPress based blog or website.
  3. BobWP Monetizer Podcast - It brings straight forward actionable tips on how to monetize, advertising, affiliate marketing on a WordPress website or blog.
  4. Divi Chat - A group of Divi community users talking about Divi platform and related topics like premium Divi themes, plugins, specific how-tos, blogging and more.
  5. WP Plugins A to Z - As the name suggests, this podcast focus on WordPress plugins. It talks about latest WordPress plugins and the associated ecosystem.

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