Do you want to create private online community using WordPress? In private “members only” setup, users have to login to access contents of the website and non-logged users cannot view any content. This can be easily implemented on any WordPress website. You can add ‘private’ functionality to WordPress blog and restrict content access to only members.

1. Private Only plugin to redirect non-logged in users

Private Only plugin is a quick way to implement members only private functionality in WordPress website. After you activate this plugin, all users who are not logged in will be redirected to login page. They can only access website contents through registration or login into website.

private wordpress website plugin

Plugin also provide option to set specific page as default public page visible to non-logged in users. You can also customize various settings to modify look of the login / registration page.

2. Manual php code for private WordPress site setup

Bavotasan shared php code to instantly make WordPress site ‘private’ members only. Once you add the code to functions.php file – website can be only viewed by logged in users. You can also download this in the form of a WordPress plugin.

Private website functionality is very useful in specific cases. For example: when company or small business want website to share content among employess and not with general users on the internet. This feature is worth exploring as your future client may ask for this ‘private members’ setup.

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  1. Rudd on May 28, 2013 at 2:45 am

    Pretty useful if you want to create a small private site for your family, friends, co-worker etc. One question though, will the plugin block the RSS? I think that’s another important feature since people can still read the latest post via feed.

    • Editor on May 29, 2013 at 1:17 pm

      There are ways to block RSS feed in WordPress. Making WordPress setup private does require lot of things to consider.

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