By default, in the header area of the Astra WordPress theme a down arrow icon will display next to menu item(s) with sub menu items. For visual design purpose, few users may want to hide this arrow image. There is no setting in the customizer to remove this down arrow icon. However, you can easily remove this using quick CSS code.

Astra: CSS code to remove icon for menu item

1. Open the style.css file of your Astra child theme by going to Appearance > Editor. If you are not using a child theme, then go to Appearance > Customizer and open the “Additional CSS” box.

2. Add following CSS code to hide this arrow button.

Before and After: Arrow icon next to menu item

arrow icon for menu item in astra before and after

Remember to clear the cache, if you are using a cache plugin to see changes where arrow icon no longer appears next menu items with sub-menu items.


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