By default, Genesis Theme homepage will display: post contents below post title, post information (like date of publishing, author name, leave a comment button) and post meta (tags and categories assigned to post). If you are developing custom look where lot of posts will be displayed on homepage, then removing this additional information can clean up the interface.

Remove post meta, info, contents in Genesis Home

1. Before: Here is the default view of Genesis Theme’s homepage.

Default Genesis with post meta, post info and contents

2. Add following code in functions.php file (note: backing up of funtions.php file before making changes is recommended).

3. After: Above code addition will make homepage much neater without post info, post meta and post content details.

Genesis without post meta, post info, post contents

If you want either of post info or meta or content – just delete corresponding line of code to keep that part below post title on the homepage.

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