WordPress does not handle animated gif images properly. While original size animated gif image appear fine in WordPress posts, same is not true when that image is re-sized. Animation stops working when uploaded gif image is re-sized and it only shows static first frame of the gif image.

Enable animation of gif images even when re-sized

Animated GIF resize plugin easily solve this problem. WordPress powered websites featuring lot of gif images can simply install this plugin and fix lose of animation when gif images are re-sized. This is very useful plugin for website showing animated celebrity gif, funny meme and more.

enable gif animation during resize in wordpress

Technically, WordPress uses GD library for re-sizing images but this does not work well with gif images. This plugin fixes this problem by using using GifCreator and GifFrameExtractor by Clément Guillemain. Once you install this plugin, just activate it – there is no setting to configure. See demo of original and re-szed gif images in WordPress post, both showing animation – powered by this plugin.

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