Do you want to check responsive design layout of WordPress website under development on localhost? We have seen number of online tools to check responsive design layout of websites. Though these tools work for localhost website urls – how about responsive WordPress testing without internet?

Responsive Page Tester for offline design check

If you are cut off from the internet and busy developing website in completely offline mode, then only time consuming way to check for responsive design is resizing browser window (again and again). Responsive Page Tester provide much easier and quick way to check responsive WordPress layout in offline mode.

1. With Responsive Page Tester plugin, you can check responsive design in similar format as that of online tools but without internet connectivity. It is a straight forward plugin, just install and activate the plugin – there are no settings to configure.

Responsive check for localhost wordpress

Responsive check for localhost wordpress

2. Preview you website and you should see Responsive button at top right part of the toolbar. If toolbar is not visible in preview mode, goto Users section in WordPress Dashboard. Then click edit under specific user and make sure “Show Toolbar when viewing site” option is checked (ticked).

Check Responsive design in different sizes

Check Responsive design in different sizes

3. In the preview mode, click on Responsive button and then click on specific option as per requirement: 240 X 320 (small phone), 320 X 480 (iphone / android), 480 X 640 (small tablet), 768 X 1024 (tablet portrait), 1024 X 768 (tablet landscape).

4. There is also option to view different screen size layouts simultaneously. To turn off responsive checking, just press the ESC key or click ‘responsive’ button again.

Video: Setup offline WordPress Responsive design checking

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