Responsive design layout is rage these days for practical benefits it offers. It makes an existing website display perfectly on desktop and other devices without any need to create separate user interface for smaller mobile devices. One can easily create responsive website design and check responsive design for various devices. While website design easily adapts to responsive layout, same is not true for content elements like Youtube videos, Vimeo videos, Google Maps and so on.

Tools for responsive embed of Youtube & Vimeo videos

1. Responsive Code Generator – Embed Responsively is an online tool that allows you to generate responsive code for Youtube or Vimeo video. Just enter the Youtube video URL and click Embed button. Use the generated code on your website for automatic responsive behavior to embedded Youtube video. You can generate responsive code for Vimeo and Google Maps in similar manner.

embed code for responsive youtube video

2. WordPress Plugins – There are number of plugins available for WordPress users to add responsive behavior to videos displayed in the content section of the website. You can use either Responsive Video or Responsive Video Light WordPress plugins. These help display Youtube and Vimeo videos that adjust size of the video player according to responsive design of the website.

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