Blogging is very competitive and cut throat for specific niche. It has become more of who reports first than traditional “blogging” meaning of posting personal ramblings. RSS Feed provide easy way to keep track of your favorite blog updates. You can use power RSS feed for checking latest updates from blogs and websites of your interest right within WordPress dashboard. In this way you can keep eye on competitor website’s updates quickly while working in WordPress Dashboard.

Blog Watch for RSS updates inside WordPress Dashboard

Blog Watch plugin adds new widget on default WordPress Dashboard screen that show latest updates from websites of your choice. You just need to enter RSS Feed URL of one or more websites and select number of entries to display.

blog watch plugin to see rss updates in wordpress

As long as RSS feed url is correct, this plugin will fetch and display latest posts (which is click-able) from those websites and blogs. Quick and easy way to stay updates with content of your interest right inside WordPress Dashboard.

see rss feed updates in wordpress dashboard

This makes your WordPress Dashboard a RSS Feed reader (though with limited functionality). So if you are only interested in updates of handful of blogs and websites – grab this plugin for instant updates inside WordPress Dashboard.

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