Blogs usually have lot of content displayed vertically making user to scroll down or up to view specific content area. To allow users easy and quick vertical scrolling for the desired content, you can add “scroll to top” up and down buttons to your WordPress powered website or blog. There are number of options like: add minimal scroll up button, colorful top – bottom buttons, pinterest inspired text based scroll up button and custom text only button for scrolling up.

1. Add ‘Scroll Up’ animated & minimal button

Scroll Up is a small plugin that adds very stylish yet minimal looking “Scroll Up” button to your WordPress website. It add small arrow button which scrolls website up when users click it.

Also, for better user experience, this arrow button only appear when user has scrolled down the page. With smooth scrolling effect and minimal look – this for sure is best fit for majority of websites.

2. Add Scroll ‘Up’ & ‘Down’ colorful buttons

Scroll Top and Bottom plugin adds both scroll up and scroll down button to your WordPress website. Two button are displayed next to each other at bottom right allowing you to scroll up or scroll down at click of a button.

Besides the added functionality and smooth scrolling, it has 12 different in-built button options to choose from. An ideal solution, if you are looking for colorful top and bottom scrolling buttons.

3. Scroll to Top text button like Pinterest

Paulund Pinterest Scroll To Top plugin adds neat ‘Pinterest’ inspired button to your WordPress website. It displays simple text based button for scrolling up with “Scroll to Top” text.

Ideal for users wanting neat and very prominent ‘scroll to top’ button which does not involve loading of extra button image on the blog.

4. Jcwp scroll to top: make your custom button

Jcwp scroll to top plugin allows you to display button with own preferred style and look. Options screen of this plugin allows you to customize every aspect of the scroll to top button.

You can change: position, background color, font color, font style, text padding, container width, border color, border radius and so on. Neat, prominent and highly customizable ‘scroll to top’ text button.

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