Smartphones allow easy access and interaction with the online content. Now more people are accessing websites from their mobile phones. As a web publisher, you should have plan ready to provide best user interface experience for users accessing your website content from phone and other mobile devices. There are free ways to setup mobile theme layout for WordPress powered blogs and websites specially customized for mobile phone visitors.

1. Use Responsive WordPress theme

Lot of WordPress themes are now responsive, it means they adapt to the width of device being used to access. Even official and the default Twenty Tweleve theme now has responsive layout (and its a free theme).

They are many WordPress theme providers like Studiopress who release all new themes with responsive layout as default feature set. While selecting WordPress theme for your website, make sure you confirm on its responsive design using either of online tools to check responsive design layout.

2. Jetpack plugin for free & neat mobile theme

For starters, Jetpack is a free plugin from makers of WordPress. It allows you to add lot of free (and paid) features to your WordPress blog. Now Jetpack has mobile theme feature, users accessing your website from mobile phone will see neat mobile theme interface for quick and easy browsing of website content.

As seen in screenshot above, you can customize mobile theme settings including: menus, header, background, sidebars and widgets. If you do not like responsive themes, then using Jetpack is next best free option for mobile theme setup for your WordPress website.

Note: Making current content mobile friendly is a better option that setting up seperate website for mobile users on a sub-domain like ( or Even Google suggests using responsive layout for mobile users from SEO point of view (and its easy once you get hang of it)!

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