Did ‘spell check’ button vanish from post editor after update to WordPress 3.6 version? For start, this is not a bug or error. Spell Check feature has been removed from WordPress. As such Spell Check feature was never part of core WordPress, it relied on APIs from Google. Since Google has removed APIs for the same, WordPress has removed the Spell Check feature.

Ways to restore Spell Check feature in WordPress 3.6

Keeping technical jargon aside, so is there way to get back spell check feature on WordPress? Yes, there are few workarounds to restore Spell Check feature in WordPress.

spelling check feature missing in wordpress 3.6

1. Use Google Chrome – Just use WordPress Dashboard to write and post contents in Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome has in-built spell check feature and thus will highlight wrong spelling as you type in the post editor. Just like good old spell check, right click mis-spell highlighted words to see options for correct spellings.

2. Use plugins – You can use  TinyMCE Spellcheck plugin to get back spell check button in the editor. It is fork of  After the Deadline spelling and grammar, which is part of jetpack plugin. Use either of these plugins to restore spell check feature in Post Editor of WordPress Dashboard.

If you know any other plugin or service that adds spell check feature in WordPress, share with us and we shall add to the above list. Sharing is caring!

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