WordPress 3.7 is out with lot of new features with most important feature being automatic background updates. Your WordPress software will download and install updates regularly in the background (just like Google Chrome browser). With automatic updates feature, there will be no need to manually click on update button when new WordPress version or update is available – it should update automatically.

Do I really need automatic WordPress update option

This feature is very good for users not technically inclined towards security of WordPress install. However, users who check for plugins and other security aspects of WordPress – automatic updates feature can be a drag.

Background updates install in WordPress

There can be possibility of new update conflicting with your existing theme or plugin. With automatic updates, some conflict can result in broken website without you noticing it for sometime. If you want everything under your control, disabling automatic WordPress updates is a good option.

How to disable & stop automatic updates feature in WordPress

There is no setting or option by default to disable automatic updates feature in WordPress. However, you can add one line to functions.php file that should stop automatic WordPress installs to happen in the background.


Just add above line to functions.php of WordPress install. This will disable automatic updates feature on your WordPress website. More Details here

Check status of automatic WordPress updates feature

Just open www.example.com/wp-admin/about.php (replace example with your website url) and check for status message at bottom of Background Updates section.

Status of background updates wordpress

This site is able to apply these updates automatically. Cool! implies automatic updates feature is still enabled. You can disable and stop this by adding one line of code to functions.php file as explained above.

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