Ideally, horizontal direction is the default while showing image sliders. For that extra effect, you may want to display image slider in vertical direction. One can easily create and setup image slider in vertical orientation quickly using either of following WordPress plugins.

1. Vertical Image Slider plugin for WordPress

Vertical image slider plugin adds image slider in vertical orientation or direction. Once installed, you can goto “Vertical Thumbnail Slider” option on left side of WordPress Dashboard. You can upload image and specify URL it should open when clicked.

wordpress plugin to show vertical image slider
Pros – It provides lot of options to customize every aspect of the vertical slider like: width – height, scroll style, slider speed, number of sliders, pause on mouse hover and option to re-size slider images physically or using CSS. Also, it provide code to show slider both in the post or directly in the template file.

vertical image slider plugin settings options

Cons – While making slider in WordPress Dashboard, too many advertisements are displayed on the right side (and that also on big banner format). If you can live with that, then this is one real good practical vertical slider plugin. Please note: Ads only appear in WordPress Dashboard and not on live slider on the website (bliss!).

2. Jcarousel Post Slider in vertical direction

Jcarousel Post Slider is another very easy to use plugin to quickly add vertical image slider to WordPress website. After install, drag “Jcarousel Post Slider” to any widget area like sidebar. Configure settings like select “true” for vertical option and your slider is ready.

Jcarousel Post Slider for vertical slideshow in wordpress

Pros – There is no need to separately upload images for the slider. Just select how many posts from which category should display in the slider. It provides additional skin style to change slider design along with other basic slider customization options. Cons – There is no shortcode method to display slider within post or at specific area in the template using manual code.

Which is your favorite way to show vertical image slider on WordPress website? Share with us and we shall add to the list.

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