WordPress assigns unique IDs to every: Posts, Pages, Categories, Links, Media, Users, Comments, Link categories and Tags. You may need ID of specific category or tag while implementing code for custom functionality on your WordPress powered website. By default, WordPress interface does not prominently display IDs of any element.

1. Find ID information from URL of the element

For example, you want to find ID of specific category. To get started, goto Posts > Categories page. Now hover mouse over specific category and note the URL being shown at the bottom. It will be in format like:


Above 4 is the ID of the specific category on your WordPress website. Similarly, you can find IDs of various categories, tags, pages and so on.

2. “Reveal IDs” plugin for easy discovery of IDs

Above method is easy for knowing ID of one off category. However, if you constantly need to find IDs of various elements than install Reveal IDs plugin for making things easy.

After install, it will display IDs in a dedicated column for various elements including: category, tags, posts, pages and so on. You can easily view and use ID information of any element in WordPress.

It also offer customization options with ability to turn off display of IDs for specific elements like: tags, category etc. You can also select which type of user can see ID information for various elements.

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  1. Elliott the designer on September 12, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Its the simple things that get overlooked sometimes very useful tip and a useful plugin too!

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