WordPress ecosystem is flourishing incredibly fast. We are creating WordPress websites at a much faster rate – thanks to premium plugins and page builders. How about taking a pause and giving “basics” a glance?

Check the official theme development page to know what all makes your WordPress template. Oh yeah, that page looks boring but contents on it can help you go long way in the WordPress journey. For more intuitive format, check this WordPress cheatsheet with more easy to digest information.

Core WordPress Readings

1. The best WordPress… in 2017 with upcoming 4.8 version. Check the WordPress field guide by Jeffrey Paul listing 109 enhancements and features in this version update.

2. Customizer width… can now be increased to 600px, while minimum will be capped at 300px in the upcoming WordPress 4.8 version release. More real estate to play with customizer settings, like it?

3. Huge WP migration… can strain and stretch lot of migration plugins. Well, here is a manual procedure to migrate hugely sized WordPress powered websites easily and reliably.

4. Time required to build a website… can vary a lot depending on specific project. Check this article by Fred Meyer which attempts to answer a classic question “How long does it take to build a website in WordPress?”.

Genesis Future & Hooks reference

1. Genesis Future… is bright and it will move faster in coming years. This, while StudioPress’s parent company “Rainmaker Digital” has partnered with Nimble Worldwide.

2. Genesis Hooks reference… check this resource page by Carrie Dils for a complete list of hooks and filters for the Genesis Framework.

Tools to Geek out websites

1. Lighthouse from Google… helps you analyse your website to improve the quality of web pages. It is available as a Chrome Extension and as a command line tool.

2. WP Hasty generator… helps you generate code for basic routines in WordPress like creating custom post types, shortcode generator and so on. WP Hasty looks like a worthy alternative to GenerateWP service.

Till the next time… knowing basics is very important, as with a strong foundation you can build amazing things in the online world!

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