“Going Mental & Crazy”, well that is a strong combination of words to describe state of affairs. Mind, wellness and depression are least talked in the online WordPress ecosystem (as is the case in the offline life). But, mind you… this matters a LOT.

With majority soloprenuers working alone and staring screen for hours, this assumes more importance. So, is there a quick solution? Well, start socializing offline and even when online – talk to one new person atleast in 2-3 days (and you would feel so much refreshed).

Little Relief from these resources & folks

1. Anxiety is Troy Dean’s new friend… “I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression pretty badly in the past, but now, I don’t suffer, I “experience” it”. Check here for the full talk and you may find lot of parallels.

2. Beat the Freelancer Isolation… with these surefire ways by Todd Jones. Simple yet effective methods like: networking, mastermind groups, co-working space, mentor-ship and more.

3. Reducing Anxiety… for Developers and Marketers talk at WordPress Orlando by Adam Soucie and Lisa Melegari. Different and important aspects from the developer’s world.

Core WordPress Readings

1. WordPress 4.8 version… release candidate 2 is now available for a test drive. This version introduces more new changes in addition to those in release candidate 1 version.

2. It’s 14th WordPress birthday… and what better way to celebrate by listening to tracks by every musician that’s ever had a WordPress release named in their honor.

3. React vs. Vue… which is the best choice for WordPress Core JavaScript Framework? Debate continues for time being, check interesting insights here in the comment section.

Ramblings for WordPress Folks

1. Online Courses… on Facebook groups? I am yet to get full grasp of this new thing from Facebook as such setting isn’t available in my FB account (yet!). Here is the full scoop on this strange development?

2. Know Dear WordPress… check this article highlighting 25 interesting facts about WordPress like: WordPress is older than Twitter & Facebook, it doesn’t have a CEO, it used by governments all over the world and so on.

3. Call now button… is very critical for business websites. If you are struggling with manual code to get “call now” button working, check this amazing free call now plugin – looks useful for sure.

Geeks put your mind in motion

1. Coffee is a color name… really? Coffee for sure is a best pal for geeks to stay fresh for writing lines of code. Just use #coffee as #c0ffee by replacing o with 0 (zero) to see digital coffee color. There are more color codes like fitted, decide and more. Check here for geek understanding.

2. How much time to… build a website? This is very much ignored aspect as we all straight forward jump into building a website. Check this article by Fred Meyer with a useful breakdown of important things.

3. Liquid button… style looks so cool. Check here for the code to play and to create similar effect in your website projects.

Till the next time… keep talking to real people and make real connections (besides virtual email lists, likes, shares)!

Davinder Singh Kainth

A digital creator with 15+ years of experience in Website Design, Development, SEO, and Content Creation to Podcasting at SmartWebCreators.com with the motto of "Be Smart, Keep Creating". A coach, consultant, and your dear geek friend ❖

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  1. Annalyn on June 9, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Lots of nuggets here Davinder! I clicked almost all, it’s reading time :)
    Thank you!

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